10 Best 14-Inch Diamond Blades for Concrete Cutting

Are you looking for a way to cut through concrete, stone and brick with ease? Look no further than 14-Inch Diamond Blades. These blades are designed for heavy duty construction work and will provide the fastest cutting speed available. They also feature a unique shape that reduces vibration by 70%, which can be crucial when working on delicate surfaces like marble or granite. The blades come in both standard and extra wide models so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from depending on your needs. Whether you’re looking for something affordable or high end, these blades will suit any need!

List of Best 14-Inch Diamond Blades for Concrete, Asphalt, Brick and Granite Cutting


ALSKAR 14 Inch Diamond Concrete Saw Blade

There are many benefits of using the ALSKAR Diamond. First and foremost is that it can be used in a variety of materials. It’s also designed to provide fast, smooth cutting in brick/block, paves, concrete and stone. The blade can be used wet or dry depending on the material being cut through. For light or medium duty cutters there is segment height 10mm with 20mm heavy duty bushing included which enhances performance while reducing vibration and noise levels during use.

There are many options when choosing a 14 inch concrete cutting blade your project but this specific one has been proven to perform well against other blades due to its durability and ability to make cuts quickly without sacrificing quality. When it comes to using a diamond blade for your home improvement projects, the ALSKAR Diamond Blade is a great option to consider.


WHIRLWIND 14-Inch Diamond Saw Blade for Sharp Cutting Concrete, Marble Granite and Brick

The WHIRLWIND 14 Inch Diamond Saw Blade is one of the most efficient blades around for cutting bricks, concrete and marble. It has a variety of features that make this blade unique, including its ability to match many models such as paver, angle grinder and marble machine. The blade also adopts the design of turbine teeth which widens the cutter head making it faster with less vibration than other blades on the market.

Lastly, because this blade is made from high-quality materials like diamond steel and tungsten carbide it will last longer than other inferior products. This blade is great for any trade person who needs to cut these types of materials quickly without sacrificing quality or safety. It is a durable and reliable blade that can handle a variety of applications.


Delta Diamond Premium 14-Inch Diamond Blade

Delta Diamond Premium 14-Inch Diamond Blade is a high quality blade that will deliver fast cutting performance with excellent life. This blade is made from GE Super abrasive Diamond, which has been laser welded to the heat treated hi-speed steel core. The standard 1″ arbor allows this blade to be used on any handheld power saw, concrete saw or masonry saw.

It can also be used on most handheld machines or circular saws by adapting it to the machine’s arbor hole size (check your machine’s arbor before purchase). Included for the 18″-20″ are drive pins for 8-24hp walk behind saws, making it perfect for use with these types of machines as well.


EDiamondTools All Purpose Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond Tools All Purpose Diamond Saw Blades are the perfect addition to any construction worker’s tool belt. The 14″ all purpose laser welded diamond saw blades with high performance consistency are designed to cut hard or reinforced concrete, asphalt, granite, terrazzo and ductile iron piping.

These blades feature 10mm diamond encrusted segments that add cutting stability and increased tool life. Recommended optimum RPM for this blade is 2500 and maximum 4400 RPM so you can get through even the toughest materials in record time.


Vantage Diamond USA Made 14 Inch Diamond Blade

Your blade is one of the most important tools in your toolbox. Without it, you’re stuck with a shovel and not much else when it comes to getting things done. So why would you buy an imported blade when you could get a US-made diamond blade that’s designed for cutting hard materials? With Vantage Diamond USA Made 14 Inch Diamond Blade, you can cut through cured concrete with rebar and masonry applications.


Diamond Tool Outlet 14-Inch Premium Diamond Segmented Saw Blade

This Diamond Tool Outlet 14-Inch Premium Diamond Saw Blade is a cutting blade that is able to cut through hard concrete, concrete, green concrete, Asphalt, masonry and block. It can also be used to cut brick or natural stone.

The laser welded design makes it faster and longer lasting than other blades on the market today. It has a 10MM segment height with 3 deep segments for long life too! It’s perfect for wet or dry cutting! One of the best blades for Asphalt and concrete cutting.


Makita 14-Inch Diamond Blade

Makita 14 inch diamond blade is one of the most impressive tools for asphalt cutting. It has many features, which make it very special and unique. You can use it in various applications because this blade is designed to work with extreme power of gas powered cutters in different types of materials.

The pack comes with three blades, which makes it economical too. It also has segment slots that help deliver a faster cooler cut in multiple applications. With all these benefits, Makita 14 inch diamond blade will surely become your favorite tool for asphalt cutting!


Chicago Pneumatics 14-Inch Dry or Wet Cutting Diamond Blades

Cutting stone is a tough job. It requires precision, skill and the right tools for the job. Thankfully Chicago Pneumatics has you covered! Their 14-Inch Stone and Concrete Cutting Diamond Blades are perfect for cutting through any stone or concrete. These blades feature four different diamond segments that cut on the push stroke which makes them great at cutting even materials like brick, block, paves and concrete.

The Sintered diffusion bonded diamonds provide more strength than other blade types while still remaining flexible enough to work with any material type you come across in your line of work. The 20 mm heavy duty bushing provides additional durability so these blades can last as long as they need to without having to be replaced too often.

Plus this blade is recommended by an actual worker who works in a stone quarry cutting bluestone. He swears by these blades, so you know they work! If you are looking to cut through brick, block, paves or concrete with ease then look no further than the 14-Inch Stone and Concrete Cutting Diamond Blades available here at Chicago Pneumatics.


14" Sintered 10mm Wet and Dry General Purpose Concrete Diamond Saw Blade

This 14″ diamond saw blade is a great blade for cutting through concrete. It has been designed to cut at an angle of 45 degrees and it features a heat treated steel core which provides extreme blade strength and durability for deep cuts. This package includes 10 blades so contractors will find this deal very useful as it will last them longer than one project.

The high quality blades on this product are made by diamond segments that have been laser welded to provide better cutting speed and longer life expectancy, meaning these blades should be able to withstand any job with ease!  In addition, the 14″ size of this blade makes it perfect for big jobs because you can easily maneuver around obstacles without having to stop every few minutes. In addition to all of this, these blades are compatible with high speed angle grinders, masonry saws, gas cut-off saws, and circular saws.


VORTEX DIAMOND 14 inch High Speed Diamond Saw Blade

This is the 14″ Sintered 10mm diamond saw blade, which is designed to provide smooth and fast cutting in a variety of materials such as granite, concrete, marble, stone, masonry and building materials.. These blades are used wet or dry and are ideal for light duty cutters. The pack contains 10 pieces of 14 inch diamond blades.

This product will provide you with high quality saw blade that can be used for various purposes- it can be used wet or dry for medium duty cutting tasks and it has an affordable price tag if you’re on a tight budget.

Buying Guides of 14-Inch Diamond Blades

Things to Consider Buying 14-Inch Diamond Blades

A 14-inch diamond blade is a type of blade that can be used in a variety of applications. It’s a good choice for people who need a blade with a medium level of aggressiveness. They’re often best suited to light demolition work and concrete sidewalks.

Wear and Tear

It’s important to buy a 14-inch diamond blade that’s made from good quality materials. This will help ensure that the life of the blade will be maximized and it won’t break down on you while you’re using it for work. Even if a diamond blade is high quality, it still will experience some wear and tear. You’ll want to be sure to inspect the blade before each use to ensure that there’s no damage that could lead to it breaking.


When using a 14-inch diamond blade, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Make sure that you’re wearing the proper safety gear, including goggles and gloves. If the blade begins to break, there’s a good chance that it will shatter and pieces of it could become dangerous projectiles.


14-inch diamond blades tend to operate at speeds between 5,000 and 9,000 RPMs. You’ll need to make sure your power tools can match or exceed this speed in order to use a 14-inch blade. The RPM range will determine how large of a material you can cut with the blade and what types of materials it’s best suited to be used on.


A 14-inch diamond blade is a good choice for cutting through softer building materials, including concrete sidewalks, asphalt, tile and natural stone. That doesn’t mean it cannot be used on harder materials. It just won’t be as effective. If you need to cut through harder materials, such as brick or concrete, you’ll want to use a blade that’s designed for that specific purpose. A 14-inch diamond blade is a good all-around option.


There are two different types of 14-inch diamond blades. The first type is for wet cutting, which means the blade has water running over it while it’s operating to keep dust down and ensure maximum blade life. It can also be used in dry applications. A wet application will give you more cutting power than a dry application.

The second type of blade is for dry cutting. This blade doesn’t have water running over it, but it’s still designed to keep dust down. It’s best suited for use in applications where a lot of dust is produced, such as when cutting through masonry materials.

There are blades available which can do both wet and dry applications. 14-inch diamond blades can be used in a variety of applications, including for cutting different types of materials, such as asphalt and natural stone among others. It’s important to choose the right 14-inch blade that will suit your particular needs so you don’t waste money on one that won’t cut effectively or efficiently. We hope you liked our article for Best 14 Inch Concrete Saw Blades. Don’t forget to share.

Frequently Asked Questions for 14-Inch Diamond Blade

How long will a diamond blade last cutting concrete?

The lifespan of a diamond blade depends on several factors, such as the hardness and wear-resistance of the concrete. For example, a smaller diameter will dull more quickly than a larger diameter and subsequently require re-sharpening sooner. A harder concrete will also dull an edge more quickly.

The lifespan of a diamond blade can range from 20 to 120 hours on various factors like: -Type of material (concrete)   -Constant throttling (15 cuts per minute reduce the lifetime by 15%)  -Cut depth (5/8″ deep cuts reduce the lifetime by 20%) -Speed (slow cutting speed reduces your lifetime by 30%) -Blade Loading Ratio Loading ratio is found using: Number Of Cuts x Cut Depth / Abrasive Wheel Diameter = Loading Ratio A higher loading ratio will reduce the blade’s lifetime.

It can be reduced by using slower speeds and lower depths of cut. Concrete is typically considered hard on blades, so it is advisable to use a larger diameter blade when cutting concrete. Larger diameters are more resistant to wear than smaller diameters.

How do you clean diamond blades?

A diamond blade has coatings on it to make them durable and strong. The more the blade is used, the more this coating is worn away. When you clean a scratched-up diamond blade, it’s important to use care not to remove the remaining coatings which will affect how long the blade lasts.

To clean a dust build up from your blade use water and dish soap with a paint brush or sponge on areas that are severely caked on by swirling briskly in one direction, tapping then rinse and dry before locking back into place. After rinsing, dry the blade with a clean cloth or paper towel.