10 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Reviews

If you are planning to get a cheap electric skateboard, then there is a good chance that you have questions, confusions about brands, specifications, features, technical facts etc. Maybe you are thinking which brand you want to pick or what features it might or should have or what budget you should have to buy it. We will help you here to find the right one for you with a step by step guideline.

What is an electric skateboard?

An electric skateboard or e-skate (also known as esk8) is a personal transporter which is made based on a skateboard or longboard. The electric skateboard is equipped with a motor and lithium-ion battery. You can control speed and brakes using a handheld wireless remote controller.

The other parts of the skateboard are made from fiberglass, wood, plastic, metal parts etc. An exclusive electric skateboard can be featured with LED front lights and tail lights.

There are some factors to look for before you get your electric skateboard. We have considered a few important matters to list some e-skateboards which are best in the market yet cheap in price. The material of the board should be sturdy. Another matter is speed. If you are a new user, then you don’t have to worry about the speed. Most of the e-boards have a minimum speed of 10 mph and up to 25 mph. Finally you need to check the battery life, quality or charging time etc.

What Are The Best Affordable Electric Skateboard Brands?


Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control

Recommended Thinnest E-Skateboard

This is our first recommended cheap electric skateboard. Teamgee is specialist in making skateboards which delivers uppermost performance. Their ultra-thin electric skateboards are able to make every day commuting more enjoyable. Teamgee brings this electric longboard which is 37 inches long. This is the thinnest skateboard that is 14.5 pound in weight and can carry up to 220 pounds.

The skateboard is perfect for cruising campus, shorter commutes, and quick errands. This e-skateboard that is 3 inches off the ground ensures perfect stability and control. It is powered by 2 high-performance 380 watt brushless motors that can let you go 9 to 11 miles with a maximum speed of 22 mile per hour (mph) or 35.4 kph. The motors are replaceable.

The board is made with 10 layers of Canadian Maple and 1 layer of fiberglass that offers a medium flex for a smooth ride. It comes with a wireless remote control that has an LCD screen for controlling speeds, directions and reversing.


RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

This kick-to-start skateboard is powered by a 125-watt rear-wheel-drive hub motor. The lithium-ion-battery provides electric skateboarding up to 40 minutes of continuous use at speeds up to 10 mph. The deck length is 29.7 inches which is made of premium quality 5 layers of Maple and weight of the skateboard is 10.47 pounds.

The board can hold up to 220 pounds. You will get a 2.4 Ghz wireless remote with wrist strap to maintain variable speed, and directions. High-grip urethane wheels are 80 mm which have custom reverse kingpin truck for better stability. You can use this skateboard if you are at least 9 years old.


Blitzart 38" Hurricane Electric Longboard Electronic Skateboard

Recommended for Kids From 9 Years Old

Blitzart presents this 38 inches long electric skateboard that is equipped with 350 watt brushless hub motor and secured 36 V Lithium-Ion battery pack. The battery can be charged fully by 3 hours. With one full charge, you can go up to 10 miles (16 km) with a top speed of 17 mph. The deck is made of 8 layers where 6 layers of maple wood desk sandwiched between other layers of bamboo on the top and bottom.

This structure made the board more flexible and sturdy. The deck is wrapped with grip tape which can keep the rider’s feet tightly in the place. It can carry up to 250 pounds (lbs) weighted person. The wireless remote is easy to hold that controls acceleration and deceleration with reverse function. There are two speed modes for beginners and advanced riders. The Remote control is rechargeable.


WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard

The skateboard comes with a 350 watt of motor and 2000 mah of Lithium Battery which gives you a maximum speed of 12.4mph. You can go up to 5 miles with one charge. Every full charge will take only 2 hours. The board’s weight is 8.6 pounds (lbs). The dech is made of 7 layers of rock hard maple which has great flex and durability.

It can carry a person up to 176 pounds (80 kilogram). There are 3 speed modes that you can control with a 2.4 Ghz wireless remote control. Low speed mode enables 6.2 mph, medium works for 9.3 mph and high speed mode gives you 12.4 mph. You also can control accelerate, brake, forward and backward with your ergonomic remote. There is a LED indicator that let you know the battery level.

The skateboard has durable 70 mm PU wheels. The minimum age recommendation to use this electric skateboard is 8 years and above. The complete package includes 1 electric skateboard, 1 remote controller, 1 power adaper, 1 USB charging cable, 1 wrench and 1 user manual.


Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

If you have a short commute every day, then this would be the best option for you.  Hiboy S11 electric skateboard is easy to handle and great for teens going around town and school. The deck is lightweight which is only 7.94 lbs and extremely steady when you accelerate and turn. The powerful hub motor gives a smooth streamlined power.

With a single charge, you can go up to 6.2 miles with a maximum speed of 12.4mph. With the wireless remote control, you can manage 4 different ride modes and 4 types of brake modes. The remote control is rechargeable and easy to use.


Swagtron Electric Skateboard for Kids

Recommended Cheap Electric Skateboard Under 100 for Kids

This is the one we recommend as the best e-skateboard for kids and most amazingly you are getting this around $100 only. It does not have any remote control as it has smart sensors that can detect when you dismount. So during your hopping off, this electric board comes to a complete stop within a matter of seconds.

The maximum speed of this kick-to-cruise is 9.3 mph which gives you real feel of skateboarding. The board is 19.6 inches long and weight is less than 8 pounds. The carrying capacity is up to 150 pounds.


MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard with Remote

Recommended Best Waterproof Electric Skateboard

We found this electric skateboard that is waterproof and dustproof. They made it with electronics sealing with glue that turned this board water-resistant. This skateboard is also has a best speed in our list. It can go up to 28 mph (45 kph). With one charge, you can cover up to 11 miles (18 km).

The package comes with an M4 Remote, charger, skateboard tools, USB cable for remote, DC Cable and skateboard Stickers. The deck length is 38 inches and made with 7 layers Canadian Maple. This V3 e-board can take a 30% grade hill with a rider who is up to 136 kg or 300 pounds.


KYNG Electric Skateboard with Wireless LED Remote

Recommended Best Electric Skateboard Under 200

KYNG e-skateboard is featured with 350W hub motor to ensure high-power performance and a powerful 4000 mAh lithium battery that is rechargeable. The price is around $200 which is also very affordable. The board is made of 7 layers of Canadian Maple wood which is protected with a layer of fiberglass. The 9 lbs lightweight board carries riders up to 175 pounds.

The KYNG ergonomic and Intuitive controller featured with and LED screen with battery indicator for the skateboard and controller. You has speed controller, 4-speed selector, odometer, and forward/reverse indicator. A perfect waterproof and budget skateboard for kids and teen. Adults can use this too.


SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

Best Recommended for Off-Road Skateboarding

If you are not thinking too much of budget and still want to get a good e-skateboard great battery life, then this is the one we would like to recommend for you. This longboard can reach the range up to 22-25 miles with a top speed of 24-27 mph. This skateboard is made with 8 layers of northeast maple that make it sturdier to carry a rider who has a weight up to 280 lbs.

The swappable dual hub motors are strong enough to climb a 25% of steep hill. The PU wheels are replaceable. So, when wheels are getting damaged, you don’t need to replace the whole motor. It saves your money. This board has two red warning tail lights which will be blinking to warn any vehicles when you are on a dark street.


AZBO Off-Road Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

Off-road or all terrain electric skateboards are pricey but we pick one which is around $1000. Most of the off-road e-skateboards price starts from $1500 and above. This AZBO E-board has pneumatic tires that allow the board to go off-roads. With this e-board you can reach a top speed of up to 25 mph as it has an in-hub 3000 watt motor.

It is equipped with an 11 AH battery that can fully be recharged by 3 hours. The deck is made of 11 layers of maple that can carry a rider up to 290 lbs of weight. With the rechargeable wireless remote, you can manage brake, forward, speed switching. It also indicated battery status.

Product Features Comparison Chart

Brands Weight Dech Length Motor Power Range with full charge Maximum Speed
Teamgee electric skateboard 14.5 lbs/6.57 kg 37 inches 380 Watt 9-11 miles 35.4 kph/22 mph
RazorX Cruiser 10.47 lbs/4.7 kg 29.7 inches 125 Watt 6 miles 16 kph/10 mph
Blitzart 38″ hurricane longboard 13.6 lbs/6.1 kg 38 inches 350 Watt 5 miles 30.5 kph/19 mph
Wookrays Electric Skateboard 8.6 lbs/3.9 kg 25.4 inches 350 Watt 5 miles 20 kph/12.4 mph
Hiboy S11 8.5 lbs/3.8 kg 25.4 inches 350 Watt 6.2-9 miles 20 kph/12.4 mph
Swagtron Kids Electric Skateboard 7.7 lbs/3.5 kg 19.6 inches 100 Watt 4-6 miles 15 kph/9.3 mph
Meepo V3 10.2 lbs/4.62 kg 38 inches 540 Watt 11 miles 45 kph/28 mph
KYNG Electric Skateboard 9 lbs/4.08 kg 29 inches 350 Watt Up to 10 miles 24 kph/15 mph
Skatebolt Electric Skateboard 19.5 lbs/8.84 kg 39 inches 350 Watt 22-25 miles 40 kph/25 mph
Azbo Off-Road Electric Skateboard 35 lbs/15.87 kg 42 inches 3000 Watt 19 miles 40 kph/25 mph

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cheap Electric Skateboard

  • Location or road type

Before choosing your e-skateboard, you need to think about the road type you will use. Mountain bikes are meant to be used on bumpy roads where road bikes are great for smooth roads. You can apply the same rule here.

Street PU (polyurethane) wheels are the way to go if you’ll only be on smooth, cemented roads and walkways. If the roads in your area are less than ideal, you might want to consider something with all-terrain tires or hybrids. These will absorb more road bumps and cracks, and you can even ride on gravel trails with them.

Finally, if you enjoy hard trail riding, an e-board with full AT wheels, that means an off-road electric board is a good option. These are versatile and can be used practically anywhere. It can probably handle anything: street, gravel, dirt, grass, you name it. The sand is the only site where it will most likely struggle.

  • Motor

The type of motors that an electric skateboard uses is important to consider. Cheap electric boards sometimes do not have quality motors. Hub motors and belt-drives are the two most common types of skateboard motors.

Hub motors are convenient because they don’t require any maintenance; however, you lose a little performance and are limited to the wheels that come with them. These motors are less problematic and more reliable. Hub motors operate at a substantially lower noise level than belt-driven motors. More importantly, the hub motor’s board can be ridden like any other board with or without battery.

On the other hand belt-drives needed some maintenance as, depending on how hard you ride, belts can break. Debris can also get lodged between them, so you’ll want to clean them out from time to time.

Belts have the advantage of providing more performance with higher low-end power, which means faster acceleration and better hill-climbing capabilities.

You’ll also have the option to change the wheels whenever you want. When you want to hit the trails, you can easily switch from street wheels to all-terrain wheels. Keep in mind that you’ll need to conduct some gearing study to get the greatest performance out of each wheel type.

  • Battery

Most affordable electric skateboards do not have long lasting battery. If you plan on riding your skateboard for a 10-mile round trip to work every day, or if you know you’ll be spending long weekends cruising with your friends, investing in a board with a high-quality, long-range battery is essential. To have your board completely charged for the road, charging time frames might range from an hour to five hours. The distance a full charge will take you depends on the type of board you’re riding, your speed and your body weight. The distances range from roughly 10 miles to nearly 20 miles for some of the more expensive boards.

  • Speed

If you are a beginner, speed shouldn’t be a major consideration. Most boards with a high top speed have several speed modes, ranging from beginner to 25 mph (40 kph) for more experienced riders.

  • Range

Range is another important issue when you are considering buying your electric skateboard.  what you can do with it. That depends entirely on where you want to ride and whether or not you’ll have time to recharge it before your next ride. Think about the possible places where you could ride, such as to work, school, the stores, cafes, or friends’ homes. Maybe you want to go to the nearest railway/metro or bus station.

When you’re commuting, you may need greater range than when you’re just having fun. An off-roader might need to go the additional mile to avoid getting stuck on his off-road adventures.

  • Deck type

The deck is a vital part of an electric skateboard because it determines how comfortable you ride. The construction of decks ranges from highly stiff to highly flexible platforms. They’re made of wood, plastic, or a combination of the two.

A flexible deck can take a lot more vibrations that give you a very comfortable ride. At high speeds, though, you will lose stability.

Flexible decks are among the greatest beginner decks because they provide a smooth ride and are simple to learn on.

When riding at high speeds, a firm deck is easier to turn and stays more stable. The road, on the other hand, will cause you to experience more vibrations.

The stiffest decks are made of maple or carbon fiber. The most flexible board will be constructed of bamboo.

  • Wheel size

Bigger wheels give your board a higher max speed, but they also slow down acceleration and reduce torque. Smaller wheels give a slower peak speed but more torque and acceleration. Because of the friction and drag, off-road or all-terrain wheels provide a lot of riding comfort, but they also have a reduced max speed and range.

Benefits of Using Electric Skateboard

There are some great advantages using an e-skateboard.

  • Exceptionally Enjoyable

Skateboarding is a great sport to participate in. It’s even more fun with e-skateboards. With an electric board, you’ll feel as if you’re floating through the air. Because you don’t need to push the board with your feet.

If you enjoy putting together your very own electric longboard, then you can be sure of enjoying the entire experience even more. You get the opportunity to tailor make your very own electric powered skateboard, and then enjoy it on the road, driveway or park.

  • Environment-Friendly

Electric skateboards are well-known for their eco-friendliness. They have a lower carbon footprint than other gas-powered vehicles since they do not use fossil fuels. E-boards with extended ranges can go for a day or two without charging, so they don’t use a lot of power.

  • Beat the Traffic

You can start your day without being stuck in your car or on a packed bus if you have an electric board. You can really look forward to your commute to work since you will be getting your daily dose of fresh air. This will instantly cheer up your mood and allow you to begin your day on a good note.

  • They are Faster

Some of the e-boards have a maximum speed of up to 35 kilometer per hour or 22 miles per hour. These devices can get you quicker and safer over hills and across flat ground than traditional skateboards. You will be able to reach your destination on time as a result of this. As an electric skateboard rider, you can plan your travel or ride more precisely.

  • Better Health

Skateboarding is beneficial to one’s health. To begin with, riding an electric skateboard increases muscle growth and general strength. You must stay on your feet during the activity, as well as use them to propel the board forward as necessary. When balancing on the board, you also get to utilize your hands more.

Skateboarding can also help your nervous system work better in general. Your neurological system will be called into action more frequently while riding on the board for longer periods of time than if you were to employ other modes of transportation.

  • Cost Effective

When you use e-skateboards to travel to your destination, you don’t have to pay any fare or burn any fuel, which allows you to save some much-needed money. You can use your skateboard to conduct errands and attend appointments hundreds of miles away from home, all while saving money.

These boards are intended to take you further than traditional skateboards, especially given that you can only push for so long before becoming exhausted.

  • Less Effort

Electric skateboards reduce the need to constantly use your feet to propel you and your board forward, so you don’t have to arrive at your destination sweating. Some electric skateboards are intended to gently transport passenger’s uphill, allowing them to easily navigate around 15-degree inclines while reaching top speeds of roughly 10-12 miles per hour.

Electric Skateboard vs. Traditional Skateboard

eSk8’s main components are board, wheels, motors and lithium ion battery. Normal skateboard does not have any motor or battery.
You can control an e-board using a wireless remote controller. Traditional skateboard is manual. You have to push and control it with your skills and practice.
E-skateboard is faster. Normal skateboard is not faster than an e-board.
Using an e-skateboard is comfortable. You won’t get sweaty. Normal skateboarding is a sport activity. You have to put in more effort and skills.
You can stop the e-board using the braking system from the remote controller. But for a normal skateboard, you need to use your feet to stop it.

Types of Electric Skateboards

There are two common types of electric skateboards available: longboards and cruisers.

The cruiser e-board usually features kickturn like in a normal skateboard. And an electric longboard comes with a handheld wireless remote controller.

Another type is off-road electric skateboard. The wheel size is bigger than a regular skateboard.

Components of an Electric Skateboard

Components of an electric skateboard can be divided into three parts: basic, electrical and mechanical.

Basic components: Deck, wheels, trucks, ball bearing and griptape.

Electrical components: Battery, remote control, electronic speed controller (ESC), bluetooth transmitter and receiver.

Mechanical component: Motor (hub or belt motor).

Extra components: Nose guards, lights (front and tail lights), wheel guard, extra battery, rain wheel.

Maintenance of an Electric Skateboard

Let’s see how you can take care of your skateboard to get the best from it. 

Cleaning Grip Tape: With use, grip tape will become dirty and worn. Mud, sand and dirt are all rather easy to remove. The best way is to remove anything stuck with the tap with an old toothbrush, then remove anything else with a damp cloth.

Charging Battery: Overcharging your electric skateboard occurs when you leave it on charge for a long period of time. This will damage the battery’s cells over time, reducing its life.

Cleaning Skateboard Truck: You don’t need to clean your skateboard’s truck so often. When you need to clean it, first you need to remove the wheels, detach the trucks using the screws on the top of the deck, remove the kingpin nut, and take the trucks off your board to do so. Reassemble after cleaning everything with a cloth.

Cleaning Wheels: Simply remove the skateboard wheel using a 1/2 inch wrench and clean it thoroughly with a cloth. Ensure that all debris is removed from the bottom of the wheels, and that the bearing is removed, as well as the wheel core, if necessary.

Cleaning Bearing: Debris and dust can accumulate on and around the bearings of a skateboard. This can make it difficult for them to spin freely and increase the distance between the bearing and the axel. The bearings on a skateboard must be removed from the wheels in order to clean them thoroughly.

Basically, you’ll need a 1/2 wrench socket or a skate tool to remove the wheel axel nut. Then, using the truck axel, position the wheel so that the bearing may be wrenched out. To remove the neighboring bearing, repeat the process on the opposite side of the wheel. It’s time to clean the bearings once they’ve been removed. Pressed bearings can be simply cleaned using a cleaning solvent, whereas bearings with a shield may require a somewhat different approach. To pry the bearing shield away from the bearing, use a razor blade. This will allow access to the bearing’s inner workings and make cleaning much easier.

An old toothbrush would be helpful to get rid of any persistent gunk. Simply reinsert the bearings into the wheel using the truck axel once the bearings have been cleaned and the cleaning solvent has gone. Finally, reinstall your axel nut and you’re ready to go.

Fun Facts of Electric Skateboards

If you are a skateboard lover, you will definitely love to know these fun amusing facts about e-skateboard.

Easy to Balance and Ride: Some people are concerned that they will be unable to ride them or that they will be hazardous. With how powerful they are, it’s tempting to imagine yourself being unable to manage them, but the truth is that they are extremely simple to ride. You should be able to sail across town with ease if you simply maintain your knees bent, shoulders wide apart, and your eyes on your destination.

Environment-Friendly Transport: Are you constantly seeking for solutions to reduce your carbon footprint or personal transportation options that emit zero to low emissions? With Earth Day approaching, we must all examine our best options for keeping our one planet a happy place to live. That’s where electric longboards come in handy as an environmentally responsible mode of transportation.

They Are Powerful: Given their small motors, you’d think they’d have some trouble from time to time, but they’re actually rather powerful. They can not only get you up hills, but they can also manage some fairly steep inclines. There’s no reason to be concerned that it won’t readily transport you up even your city’s toughest slopes.

Easy to Stop: It is critical to be able to apply the brakes to any moving item. It’s simple and effective with these electric longboards. You won’t have to worry about hitting any objects or pedestrians because the brakes will bring you to a smooth stop. They have exactly the proper amount of strength to keep you in control without putting you in danger of colliding with something.

Perfect Control: These boards were designed to allow access to almost any way. It’s not difficult to make a rapid turn. Simply lean in the desired direction with your body. They can even turn around in a tight u-turn. It will only take you a brief time to obtain a sense of how much weight you need to employ to achieve the desired steering.

Very Safe to Use: Some people feel that anything powered by a lithium battery is dangerous, but this is simply not true. If your board is UL certified, it has been thoroughly tested to guarantee that the components are safe for use and can be safely stored in your house.


Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Skateboards

Are electric skateboards dangerous?

The popularity of electric skateboards has skyrocketed recently. It’s because these e-boards are extremely fast and have a variety of appealing features. However, because speed is frequently associated with accidents, some are concerned about the safety of these skateboards. So, is there any danger in riding them? Yes, they are safe, as these skateboards went through a rigorous testing procedure before being released into the market. They are, on the other hand, harmful for two reasons. For starters, individuals ride e-skates on hard surfaces. As a result, if they fall on a hard surface by accident, the odds of them being injured are fairly significant. Second, these skateboards have a very appealing design. There is no guarantee that an inexperienced rider will be able to ride an e-skateboard safely.

Can you bring an electric skateboard into aircraft?

Detectors that can identify the presence of a lithium battery can be found in many airports. The airline has set a power limit, which is limited to computer-size batteries. You can be turned down and forced to abandon your batteries. It is preferable to do your homework ahead of time than to be late and lose your batteries.

How fast does an electric skateboard go?

Many electric skateboards are built for speed, allowing riders to reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery is standard on most electric skateboards, providing enough power to keep you moving for hours. Most electric skateboards can easily cruise at speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour on a single battery. When riding, keep in mind that body weight, board weight sensors, and terrain can all affect electric skateboard speed.

Are e-skateboards safe to use?

Skateboarding is a lot of fun. It’s a hit with both kids and adults. It’s a fun way to get around town for short distances. Skateboarding has been elevated to the status of an adventure sport by certain aficionados. Skateboards today are robust and quick, and they may even be used off-road. Skateboarding, on the other hand, is not easy for a beginner. While riding one, you must learn to balance yourself. After a few tries, many people lose interest in skateboarding. This is primarily due to a lack of appropriate guidance. Skateboards today are incredibly fast, and mastering the fundamentals is required to ride them like an expert.

How much does an electric skateboard cost?

They can range in price from $300 USD to several thousand dollars depending on the model. We strongly advise you to invest in one. The lower-end models are prone to breaking and do not ride properly. Inboard or boosted are our personal favorites.

What are the pros and cons of an electric skateboard?

Pros: 1. Speed. 2. You may ride an electric skateboard on public roadways in California, not on the sidewalk. 3. It is a viable mode of urban transportation. 4. You expend a smaller amount of energy. After a long ride, you’ll be less weary and sweaty. This is especially true if you commute to work or school. 5. Breaking! Even when travelling downhill, you can quickly slow down or stop. Cons: 1. Expensive. (Both the purchase price and the cost of replacement parts are high.) 2. It’s difficult to carry as this is heavy. 3. It’s possible that it will be more dangerous. (However, a more conservative riding style could mitigate this). 4. It’s possible that you’ll run out of power. (Yes, you can still push, although pushing an electric skateboard is usually less enjoyable than pushing a standard one.) 5. To charge, you’ll need access to an electrical outlet. If you commute, for example, you’ll need one at work. 6. Unless your workplace has a second power supply, you may need to bring one with you. 7. There is a lack of variety and customization. You can choose from hundreds of different designs of boards, trunks, and wheels with a standard longboard. It is more restricted for electric skateboards.

Can you push an electric skateboard?

Actually it depends. The drive system of an electric skateboard determines how well it can be ridden like a non-powered skateboard. The drag on a belt-driven board is significant, and it’s not easy to maneuver. Hub-driven boards, on the other hand, have little to no drag and can be ridden normally. This is a broad statement however; in reality, each electric skateboard is unique.For instance, hub motor-driven electric skateboards are generally much easier to kick push than their belt-driven counterparts. However, because there is more friction between the motor and the wheel axel, a multi hub motor arrangement is typically more difficult to maneuver than a single motor design. Electric skateboards with belt drives, on the other hand, are often more difficult to push. Again, this is a generality because certain belt-driven electric skateboards are easier to kick push while others are nearly difficult to maneuver. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the pulleys, belts, and gears that make up a board’s drive system.

Are electric skateboards allowed on the sidewalk?

Motorized skateboards are prohibited from being operated in most areas of the city, including public streets or alleyways, public sidewalks, city-owned properties, city parks and roadways inside parks, pedestrian or cycling lanes, and any public or private property when trespass notice has been issued. So, in general, you can ride motorized skateboards (and other similar devices) on your own land as well as public/private property where you have been granted permission to use the place.

What is the world’s fastest electric skateboard?

Mischo Erban, a thrill seeker, recently pushed extreme skating to new heights by reaching a staggering 95.83 km/h (59.55 mph) on a customized longboard, setting a new Guinness World Record for the fastest speed on an electric skateboard.