10 Best Spatulas for Cast Iron – Reviews & Buying Guide

There are many people who enjoy cooking using cast iron pans. After all, cast iron pans can give your meal a distinct flavor while also being one of the most durable types of cookware available. Today we will be reviewing best spatulas for cast iron cookwares. Stainless steel spatulas are ideal for cast iron skillets, pans, and cookware and they are also widely used. In this article, we will show you some best spatulas for cast iron skillet or any other types of pan.

The spatulas made of wood and high-temperature silicone are also safe to use. The only major disadvantage is that you’ll have to wait for the seasoning to re-coat the bottom of your skillet if you scratch the cooking surface. The most important factors to consider before purchasing a cast iron spatula are durability, balance, heat resistance, handle, flexibility, dishwasher safety, and weight.

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We’ve decided to give you a good summary of the top spatulas for cast iron after testing and research! We will supply you with all of the information you require to make an informed purchase decision.

What are the best spatulas for cast iron?


Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Spatula

Recommended Best Metal Spatula for Cast Iron

This spatula is one of OXO’s best-selling utensils. It is constructed entirely of stainless steel. The grip on this stainless steel spatula is gentle, subtle, and non-slip. Strong enough to flip burgers and other heavy foods. Its beveled edges, on the other hand, allow it to handle delicate items like eggs. It has a length of 14 inches and a width of 4 inches.

A nicely curved shaft connects the blade to the handle. Only the bottom surface of the handle is coated with a silicone inlay. This creates a unique aesthetic while also providing a non-slip surface. Some customers, however, have complained that the insert is not properly sealed to the handle. It’s difficult to clear water and food that gets stuck in between this way.

It is simple to utilize for a wide spectrum of people. This spatula comes with a satisfaction guarantee that includes an exchange or refund. With OXO, there is a special bouquet that includes stainless steel, a slotted spoon, a ladle, and spaghetti. We are also recommending this as best spatula for stainless steel pan.

Pros: Cons:
Construction is sturdy Handle that has been improperly sealed
Square-shaped For a non-stick pan, this is useless
Spatulas that bend  
The substance is a hard plastic  
Rubberized edging  
Conveniently and quickly  
It’s easy to hold for long periods of time  
When cooking, a wide blade is beneficial  

Sabatier Triple Rivet Wide Turner – Best Time Saver

The Sabatier Triple Rivet Wide Turner features a black POM handle. It’s a tough material that’s reinforced with three stainless steel rivets. This spatula not only comes in a variety of styles, but it also comes at a reasonable price. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be used to flip and turn a variety of dishes, from light pancakes to delicate fish to heavy fare.

You can get a big, narrow, wide, or flex turner depending on what you’re intending to use it for. Sabatier spatulas are of the highest quality. The heads are composed of extremely durable stainless steel. The edges of the spatula are rounded and slightly beveled, allowing you to slide it under the item you’re cooking. You can effortlessly scrape off all the excellent pieces left over from frying meat or vegetables in your cast iron skillet with the slightly pointed edges.

Three stainless steel rivets secure the handle to the head, which is composed of sturdy plastic. While plastic handles can be of good quality, you should be careful not to leave them on a hot pan, as cast iron skillets reach extremely high temperatures. The spatula’s construction allows it to be washed in the dishwasher. This is something that those of you who value efficiency and time would appreciate much. This spatula’s stainless steel head is large enough to handle steaks, hamburgers, fish, and chicken. Without bending, it does an excellent job turning food and scraping the pan.

Although a plastic-handled spatula is unlikely to be damaged, it may become deformed if left on the warm side of the pan. This spatula is also dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. The Sabatier spatulas’ biggest feature is that they come with a lifetime warranty, which speaks something about the product’s quality.

Pros: Cons:
Dishwasher-friendly The handle does not withstand heat
A limited lifetime warranty is provided Rust stains are a possibility
Wide blade that’s perfect for flipping The blade is quite narrow
Handles made of high-quality POM with stainless steel rivets  
Due to the stainless steel construction, it is extremely long lasting  

Mercer Culinary Hell’s Handle Heavy Duty Turner

Many people prefer to use stainless steel spatulas on cast iron cookware because they are better at flipping food. If you have similar preferences and are seeking the best stainless steel spatula, this is something to think about. The tool’s blade is composed of high-grade Japanese stainless steel. It is neither too flexible nor too rigid, unlike poor imitations. You may rest assured that this blade is of high quality.


To add to the convenience, the spatula’s handle is composed of anti-slip material, so you’ll have a strong grip even if your hand is wet. This wide metal spatula has a textured finger point on the spatula for enhanced control while holding it. If you need to slip heavier foods through, you’ll find it quite beneficial.


When utilizing spatulas with a polypropylene handle, cooks may come across a heated handle. Fortunately, you won’t have this problem because the tool’s handle absorbs 50% less heat than normally manufactured handles. Because of the greater grip and control that plastic provides, the maker chose it for the handle.


This model’s stainless steel is fantastic. Because it’s made of heavy-duty stainless steel, you can use it to cook almost anything. The blade is thick and rigid, with no bend at all. With this spatula, you’ll have no trouble smoothing off the surface of your cast iron skillet in no time.


One of the few spatulas with a limited lifetime warranty is this one. Although it may not appear to be much, it is nonetheless a welcome addition in the event that something unexpected occurs. As a result, even if you have to cook at a high temperature, the handle will always be cool to touch.

Pros: Cons:
Japanese blades have a long life span Thick and substantial
Blade is made of high-quality stainless steel This is a costly choice
Very strong and long-lasting Expensive
A limited lifetime warranty is provided  
It’s ideal for smash burgers  
The edges of the blades are rounded to avoid scratching cookware  
Handle has a non-slip grip  
The handle is always cool to the touch  

Anmarko Metal Spatula Set (A Set of 4 Pieces)

The Anmarko Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Metal Spatula Set includes three stainless steel spatulas and a scraper. A frying turner, a grill spatula, a hamburger turner, and a bench scraper are all included. The food-grade stainless steel construction, which is also non-reactive, is responsible for the spatulas’ durability.

Because the stainless steel is 1/25 inch thick, it will last a long time in your kitchen. Because the spatulas have beveled edges, you should have no trouble slipping them beneath whatever you need to flip in your cast iron baking pan, despite the thickness of the metal. Consider this 4-piece set for more professional cooking tools such a hamburger turner, griddle scraper, and pancake flipper.

They’re available with a variety of face kinds for specialized functions, as well as commercial polished high-grade stainless-steel material to brighten up any kitchen or cooking area. An ergonomic, food-safe handle with a convenient hole for hanging on the wall or hanging on storage hooks completes these spatulas. Cast iron, barbecuing, camping, and flat top griddles all benefit from these spatulas. Furthermore, if you’re a gourmet chef who loves cooking more than anything else on the planet, these spatulas will meet your needs.

Pros: Cons:
A whole commercial-grade set For some folks, the handles are a little too flexible
Cast iron melting pots are small enough to use  
A ruler and measurement conversions are carved on the scraper  
Handles that are adaptable  

Anmarko Professional Spatula Set

Recommended Best Metal Spatula with Wooden Handle

If you enjoy cooking with cast iron cookware and want to make a variety of dishes, investing in a nice spatula set like this one will save you time and money while also keeping your cast iron cookware in good condition. A spatula turner, a grill spatula, and a griddle scraper are included in this set, each with a flat blade of 1/25 inch thickness.

This set comes with three spatulas, and the handles are constructed of wood rather than plastic. These robust spatulas are made of corrosion-resistant, non-reactive food-grade stainless steel and are designed for cleanliness. This three-piece set of professional stainless-steel spatulas will satisfy your desire for the ideal kitchenware. The blades are made of a long-lasting, non-reactive stainless steel that may be used for a variety of kitchen tasks.

The convenience will be unparalleled, whether you use them for everyday cooking or for grilling. Unlike less expensive stainless steel blades, these are significantly safer and pose no health risks. Both spatulas have soft hardwood handles that allow you to gain a good grip even with damp hands, adding to their ease.

The beveled sides of these blades make it easier to turn and chop items. It has a long cooking spatula turner for flipping pancakes, an over-sized blade for flipping a huge burger, and a griddle scraper/chopper for cleaning your cast iron skillet.

Pros: Cons:
Blades made of high-quality stainless steel After a few months of use, the handles begin to wiggle
The blades have a beveled edge to make flipping easier Despite product promises, it is not dishwasher safe
Handles that is both ergonomic and pleasant  
The bag is light and well-balanced  
The blade is quite thick  
Excellent value for money  
Larger foods require a larger surface area  

HIC Harold Import Co. Dexter-Russell Pancake Turner

Recommended Best Pancake Spatula

HIC Harold Import Co.’s Dexter-Russel pancake turner goes well with cast iron skillets. This spatula is made of stainless steel and is strong enough to handle jobs other than flipping pancakes. In fact, the blade is made of carbon steel. As a result, regardless of how regularly you use the instrument, you can anticipate it to provide you with years of service.

Moving on from sets, Harold Import Co. has created this lovely stainless steel turner. This tool, which measures 4′′x2.5′′, is marketed as a pancake turner, although it may, of course, be used for a variety of other tasks in the kitchen. In comparison to other cast iron spatulas, the handle is well-made. Handles are made of walnut and are connected to the tang with three rivers. Good quality is likely to last a lifetime.

This spatula is available in three different sizes (5 inches). Because of its very well-made handle, the Dexter-Russel spatula distinguishes out among others. This spatula will most likely last a lifetime because it is constructed of walnuts and is fastened to the tang with three rivets. However, the larger the spatula, the more work it can do. The spatula’s square form helps you to gradually level your cast iron pan.

Pros: Cons:
Excellent construction quality The grip is a tad harsh
Corner that is rounded The handle will need to be sanded
The size is ideal  
Carbon steel blade with a long life span  
Handle made of walnut  
Size is adequate  
The blade does not move  
For easy flipping, there’s a lot of versatility  

Mannkitchen Professional Grade Stainless Steel Spatula

The Mannkitchen stainless steel spatula is a professional tool that will help home cooks achieve professional results in the kitchen. This premium spatula is designed exclusively for use with cast iron skillets. It’s made of heavy gauge stainless steel, and the handle is made of solid wood that’s more durable, heat resistant, and won’t melt like plastic spatulas.

The handle has a nice grip that keeps you from slipping. This product’s durability is also enhanced by the use of high-quality steel. The blade is composed of 1.8mm thick 420 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. The blade’s beveled edges serve to level up the cast iron’s surface over time while also assisting in the management of the food being cooked.

This innovation speeds up the process of applying the nonstick coating compared to conventional spatulas. The product is FDA-approved and completely safe to eat. The dimensions are 2 7/8 inch wide by 11.5 inch long (with a handle).

Pros: Cons:
Excellent quality Hand washing is the only option
Handle that can withstand heat  
Extremely long-lasting  
Blade is made of 420 stainless steel, which is very thick  
For easy food release, the edge is beveled  
Excellent for difficult tasks and delicate labor  

OXO Good Grips Best Spatula for Cast Iron

The heavy food was easily flipped with the help of the stainless steel flat base turner. This turner has a large head with a beveled edge to help chop food while cooking. Suitable for flipping pancakes, omelets, scrambled eggs, saute veggies, scraping griddles, and more with cast-iron pans and cookware.

A handle with a non-slip texture and silicone helps to keep the hand from slipping. The easy-to-hold handle has a pleasant grip. Spatula that can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher. This turner measures 12 1/4 inches in length. Turner’s part of the spatula is quite large, and it can quickly remove 3 to 4 cookies off a sheet. The best spatula for cast iron is this one.

Pros: Cons:
A flat base surface is required After the first use, several rust patches appear
Stainless steel of excellent grade  
Assist in flipping the heavy food  

Victorinox Turner – Best Multi-Purpose Spatula

The hardwood grip of the Victorinox Turner Chef’s Slotted Fish spatula is complemented by a high grade stainless steel blade. The Victorinox’s blade’s gentle slope glided under over-easy eggs and softly flipped them without breaking the yolks. The blade is also robust enough to hold a stack of eight pancakes without bending, despite its flexibility. It makes flipping pancakes, crepes, and eggs a breeze.

The wooden handle is sturdy and comfortable to hold. This spatula is robust enough to scrape with lightly. Any particles of rice and egg that get trapped at the bottom of the skillet can be scraped clean off when I use it to stir my egg fried rice. However, if you wish to scrape up thick crusty parts, a stronger blade is required.

The Victorinox Chef’s Slotted Fish Turner is the best multi-purpose spatula. This lightweight spatula can be used for a variety of activities, including flipping pancakes and rotating delicate fish fillets in a skillet.

Pros: Cons:
Drainage and flexibility are both enhanced by the slotted design Scraping is not a good idea
It’s ideal for flipping Only wash by hand
It’s simple to clean  

1Rivexy Griddle 5 Pcs Metal Spatula Set

If you want to buy an entire set rather than individual utensils, this is one of the possibilities available to you. Rivexy’s set includes two varieties of griddle spatulas as well as scrapers/turners. It also comes with a dough scraper and a cutter. In other words, you’re getting a great discount on kitchen tools.

One has a solid construction, while the other features a slotted surface for greasy meals. Furthermore, the plastic grips are positioned so that your hands are not in danger. They don’t absorb moisture or oil as well as other materials. So, why are we worried when everything appears to be in order? It’s the strong connection between the blade and the handle.

The drawback of this whole package is that it can snap at any time. As a result, many buyers were forced to remove a star from a once-popular kit and move on. However, for those who are just starting out and want to try things out before committing to something more permanent, this is a terrific option.

Pros: Cons:
Construction is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel Blade and handles joint is not good enough. So, it can break anytime
Size is long and wide for convenience  
A perforated spatula is included for easier drainage  
Non-slip, ergonomic plastic handles  

What exactly is a spatula?

A spatula is an essential tool in any kitchen, whether it’s at home or in a professional kitchen. Some people may not understand how useful it is at first, but it is a useful tool that may solve a variety of culinary problems.

A spatula is also known as a palette knife. It’s known as a spatula, a turner, a spreader, a flipper, and a variety of other terms. Spatulas are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Because it is not designed for cutting or chopping, it does not have a sharp edge or a blade like other knives. It’s wide, flat, and flexible.

The tip is also rounded to avoid poking or scratching. In today’s world, the name “spatula” has evolved to refer to a variety of different culinary equipment. The phrase is most commonly used to describe culinary instruments that are used for flipping, turning, scraping, and spreading.

What is the purpose of a baking spatula?

A baking spatula is a tool that is specifically designed to aid in the baking process. It has a very tiny blade, which allows the baker to use it in small spaces without risking a mess. The blade is likewise flat, with no curved or rounded edges, and is exceedingly flexible, allowing it to be easily twisted and torqued.

They’re available at a variety of kitchen supply retailers and come in a variety of blade lengths and types. They’re required for manufacturing professional-quality cakes and can also be used for other activities in the kitchen. Baking spatulas are divided into two types. The blade of a straight blade spatula goes parallel to the handle from tip to handle.

An angled blade on an offset spatula separates the user’s hand from the culinary project. An offset spatula can be particularly beneficial for little cakes and precision crafts. The width, flatness, and flexibility of the blade are the three key characteristics that distinguish this type of spatula from others.

These spatulas are made of both metal and plastic. Metal is a more flexible, yet durable, option, whereas plastic might appear big while also being floppy. This difference may not be significant for a small bladed instrument, but metal is sometimes a preferable choice for longer blades. For convenience, the spatula is frequently manufactured heat resistant and dishwasher safe in both circumstances.

Buying guide for Best Spatulas for Cast Iron Cookware

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Cast Iron Pan Spatula?

If you’re looking for the best spatula for your cast iron cookware, there are a few things to consider. There are three considerations to make before purchasing a spatula: Material, form, and flexibility are all important considerations.

  • Material

Spatulas are available in a variety of materials, including natural and synthetic materials. Some individuals believe that wood and silicon are better than metal for protecting the seasoning of cast iron. However, this is completely incorrect. A cast iron pan is porous by nature. The solidified oil will fill these pores and form an extra layer when you season it.

Using a metal spatula, cut away at the additional layer until the pan’s surface is level. As a result, you’ll have a consistent cooking surface that evenly distributes heat. Plastic spatulas aren’t ideal for use with a cast-iron skillet. As a result, plastic utensils are prone to melting and are not suited for use with cast iron utensils. When it comes to wooden spatulas, the strong ones are fine for cast iron pans as long as you don’t plan on leveling the pan’s surface. Wooden spatulas are typically used to prepare delicate foods.

  • Shape

If you want to improve the cooking surface, the shape of the spatula is crucial. The ideal spatula to use is a square-shaped spatula with sharp angles. Use a square spatula with edged surfaces to level the seasoning on a cast iron pan. Using a round spatula will not scrape the seasoning evenly, causing the cooking surface to deteriorate.

  • Flexibility

The spatula should be made of hardened, inflexible stainless steel for everyday use. They’re better for delicate things like eggs, salmon, and pancakes because they’re more flexible.

  • Edges

Spatulas with beveled sides are ideal because they not only allow you to scrape off all of the deliciousness left on the pan, but they also make it easy to slip under food. Food can also be chopped with beveled and slightly sharp edges. You can use spatulas with non-beveled edges if you don’t care about performing a precise job with scraping and flipping.

  • Wooden

They don’t conduct a lot of heat. Wood, on the other hand, is usually a porous substance that absorbs the fluids of whatever you’re cooking. Bacteria can grow in the creases of the wooden surface and spread to subsequent meals.

  • Plastic

Plastic spatulas should be avoided at all costs. They are not only made of hazardous ingredients, but they also melt when exposed to heat. This is a complete no-no. Silicone is a versatile material. They work well with cast iron skillets and other cooking utensils. A silicone spatula is the way to go if you have pans with a unique type of coating that needs extra protection.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a metal that is corrosion resistant. It’s widely regarded as the greatest spatula material. When it comes to seasoning cast iron skillets, it’s extremely useful. The stainless steel spatulas aid in the smoothing of the surface, which is necessary for even heat dispersion.

  • Handle

You’ll notice that the handles on the spatulas get flimsy with time as a result of repeated use. This is unacceptably dangerous. See, not only does it need to keep your hands from getting burnt, but it also needs to make stirring as comfortable as possible. Foods that are heavier, such as mince meats, force you to use your muscles.

The process would be considerably easier if you had a firm and ergonomic grip. In most cases, wood is the best option. They are good heat insulators and do not retain a lot of heat. Don’t even think about using plastic. If you come across one, leave it alone. Rubber handles are also fantastic, but they aren’t as good at dealing with greater temperatures.

  • Design of Utensils

A beveled flat scraping edge will give you the best possibility of lifting your meal cleanly every time, avoiding food clinging and a utensil damaging the surface of the iron. The flat edge of the utensil will also keep the surface of your cookware smooth and level, allowing you to maintain a non-stick, undamaged cooking surface.

  • User-Friendliness

It’s essential to have a utensil that isn’t too flexible so you can cleanly control your meal. If necessary, you should also have a utensil that can rest against the side of the hot pan. This can be accomplished using a knife made of hardened stainless steel and a high-quality wooden handle.

  • Safety

When choosing a utensil, keep safety in mind. Because cast iron becomes hot, long-handled tools may be required, depending on the size, shape, and depth of the cooking pots. It’s essential to have a solid, well-made tool that can take the weight of the dish being twisted or stirred, as well as a wooden handle to avoid getting burned.

Why is it important to use the right cast iron spatula?

It won’t take long after you purchase a cast-iron skillet to realize that it requires specific care. Cast iron is a very long-lasting material. The best metal spatulas for cast iron are more durable and capable of flipping heavier dishes, as well as scraping food from the pan. Cast iron also warms up to far greater degrees than modern nonstick pans, which could cause your plastic spatulas to melt.

Unless you’re cooking at temperatures above 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, the best metal spatulas are far less likely to melt on you. Cast iron must be leveled to become non-stick due of its porous surface. The seasoning of cast iron cookware is applying oil to the pan’s surface and heating it to create a beautiful coating over the uneven surface. Seasoning also prevents cast iron from rusting, as it is strongly affected by water or other liquids containing even trace amounts of acids. Seasoning, on the other hand, is insufficient.

It’s critical to utilize the correct spatula for your everyday use if you want better outcomes and a more even cast-iron pan over time. By enhancing the cooking area and leveling the high points in your cast iron pan using a well-shaped and firm spatula, you can achieve a non-stick pan. Use a square-shaped spatula with sharpened edges if you want to spend less time seasoning your cast iron cookware and more time cooking with it. Over time, you’ll notice how the surface of your pan smooths out and the flaws improve.

Serrated Vs Non-Serrated Spatula

Scored lines on some spatulas allow liquid food items to fall through. Others have a strong head and can scoop everything out of the pan. Serrated spatulas are useful for selecting out deep-fried delicacies or just draining excess liquids, such as oil or sauce, or perhaps stealing some extra dumplings from the hotpot. Cleaning must be done with caution because they might cause cuts and scratches. Non-serrated spatulas are also quite good. Cleanup is simple, and they’re perfect for flipping meals like paninis, French toasts, steaks, and so on.

Different Materials for Spatulas


Silicone spatulas are ideal for use in the kitchen due to their versatility. They are heat resistant, making them ideal for cooking on high heat in your favorite frying pan. They’re also useful for scraping the insides of mixing bowls and condiment jars.

  1. METAL

Metal spatulas are ideal for handling heavy-duty tasks in the kitchen. They’re perfect for flipping cast iron pancakes or turning burgers and steaks. Using a metal spatula on nonstick cookware is something to avoid. The nonstick coating may be removed as a result of this. Are you one of those people that prefers to barbecue all year? Metal spatulas are ideal since they are heat resistant and long-lasting. In addition, most metal spatulas include serrated or sharp edges that can be used to examine your meat while it’s cooking.

  1. WOOD

Cooks who are apprehensive about using unfamiliar plastics or silicone materials at high heat while cooking food for their families would appreciate wooden spatulas. They’re heat resistant and very safe for nonstick pans. Many feature carved designs and vibrant hues, making it not just a practical utensil but also a visual joy in your kitchen.


Plastic spatulas are the most cost-effective of all spatula alternatives. Because of how robust they are and how thin the edges are to slide beneath whatever you’re cooking, they’re ideal for delicate foods. When cooking at high temperatures, use caution when using plastic spatulas because they are not heat resistant and may burn or melt inside your pan.

Maintenance: Taking Care of Spatula

What is the best way to clean a greasy spatula?

The simple method is to quickly soak in the bubbling soap water. Check to see if the water is hot. It will aid in the removal of grease from the blade’s surface and edges. Next, wipe the remnants clean with a rough sponge.

How do you season and care for your skillet properly?

Cast iron has a bad reputation for being difficult to clean, although this isn’t always the case. While each brand may have its own set of care instructions, you can use Joachim’s seasoning procedure and cast iron maintenance tips.

  1. Use it frequently 

Factory seasoning is only the beginning. Every time you use your skillet to cook, you can add another layer of spice to help it perform better.

  1. First, warm it up 

You can’t rush some things in life, and your skillet is one of them. It’s very likely that your food is sticking because the skillet isn’t warmed. You wouldn’t do that to your oven, would you? Your skillet will be ready to fry after 4 minutes on medium-high heat. Remember to adjust your skillet over the heat to ensure even heating, as cast iron does not heat evenly on its own. It performs admirably in terms of heat retention.

  1. Make use of oil

Oil is required for your skillet. Add your oil when it’s nice and hot (but not smoking). Canola is one of my favorite oils. I usually take approximately 1 tablespoon and use my spatula to spread it out evenly.

  1. Acidic substances should be avoided 

Your spice will dissolve after a long boil with tomato sauce, vinegar, wine, and lemon juice. Are you up to the challenge? Why would you? is a better question. You’ve worked hard for that spice, and recipes using acidic components are one of the few types of food that benefit from being cooked on a different surface.

  1. Keep it tidy

To clean it, all you need is hot water, a nice metal spatula, and a firm brush. Do not allow your skillet to soak in water. Add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan when it has finished cooking. Scrape it with your flat edged spatula if it’s particularly crusty, then give it a good brushing. You’ll be able to tell whether any pieces are stuck.

Scrape/scrub them away until they’re gone, then drain and rinse. We recommend avoiding acidic items like vinegar, lemon juice, and tomatoes to keep your flavor, however a brief deglaze with wine or vinegar is good. Avoid using abrasive pads or cleansers like steel wool when cleaning it. Allow the pan to cool somewhat before scraping with a wooden spoon or rinsing with water and a soft sponge. Dish soap should be used sparingly because it can dissolve the fat in your seasoning. Then, to avoid rust, immediately wipe the pan dry or dry it on low heat on the stovetop or in the oven.

Fun Facts of Spatula

  1. It has many names: The spatula is known by several different names. It’s called a “tosser,” a “flipper,” a “scraper,” or, as some British prefer, a “fish slice” depending on which country you’re in and what you’re preparing.
  2. It has a nick name: According to Bee Wilson, author of Consider the Fork, the soft, rubber spatula used for scraping cake batter was formerly dubbed a “child cheater” because of its proclivity for removing all traces of batter, depriving kids of the finger-licking delight of eating what’s left in the bowl.
  3. It has a past: Spatulas were popular throughout the Iron Age, when craftsmen could polish and shape them more easily to meet specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions for Spatula

What is the purpose of spatulas?

Spatulas are used in the kitchen to stir, flip, and turn food without scratching your favorite pans and to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection.

What kind of material is ideal for a spatula?

Spatulas can be made out of a variety of materials. It’s impossible to state which material is the greatest because they all serve distinct purposes. However, I will tell you that silicone, or silicone-coated items, is the most adaptable material. They’re good for scraping and combining, as well as sensitive surfaces.

What spatula should you use on cast iron skillets?

There are two types of cast iron cookware: One spends days layering unrefined flaxseed oil on their cast iron in the oven to season it. It takes a lot of effort. As a result, they prefer to treat that layer of seasoning with extreme caution, only using light instruments on it. This thinking is understandable, and bamboo or silicon implements may be the best option for them.

However, certain spatulas are more effective than others – and some spatulas are also safer. For example, as previously said, you should generally avoid using plastic spatulas because the plastic shavings can melt into your food. Furthermore, they are not as effective at scraping as the metal ones. As a result, we advise you to go with those.

The other sort of cast iron cook feels that frequent use with a variety of oils, high heat, and a flat edged stainless steel spatula is the best way to season cast iron.

Can you use a steel spatula on my cast-iron pan?

Metal utensils, among others, can be used on cast-iron cookware, according to Lodge Cast Iron, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cast-iron items.

Can you scrape cast iron with a metal scraper?

Cast iron is said to be long-lasting and robust! So, can you clean your cast iron pan using steel wool or a metal scrubber? No, please don’t! To remove any stuck-on residue, we should use a pan scraper or a chainmail scrubber (Lodge Chainmail Scrubber). Steel wool and other abrasive materials can damage the iron’s non-stick surface, so they should only be used on “unseasoned” pans that need rust removed before being re-seasoned.

What is the best and safest material for a spatula?

Now, given all of the different materials available, which one is the greatest all-around option for spatulas for cast iron pots? We’d have to say that there’s a reason why stainless steel is such a popular material for metal spatula manufacture. This material is lightweight, strong, and extremely resilient, making it ideal for use with cast iron cookware. It’s also not too heavy, making it easy to maneuver — and it has the unusual ability to interact with cast iron without necessarily hurting it throughout the scraping process.